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HRH The Prince of Wales presents 'Thought for the Day' on BBC Radio 4

22nd December 2016

In London recently I met a Jesuit priest from Syria.  He gave me a graphic account of what life is like for those Christians he was forced to leave behind.  He told me of mass kidnappings in parts of Syria and Iraq and how he feared that Christians will be driven en masse out of lands described…

A speech by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall at The Sovereign's Parade, Sandhurst

16th December 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen,We stand today at a place born of service, on a day born of pride and before representatives of an Army born of strength and who can deny that we will require these attributes in the coming years?  This parade marks the handing of the baton to the next generation, to those…

A speech by HRH The Prince of Wales at the Style for Soldiers Christmas Reunion Party

14th December 2016

I cannot tell you how much I admire the incredibly important work undertaken by Style for Soldiers, nor how grateful we should all be to Emma and her associates for all they do in helping injured military personnel in the difficult transition back to civilian life.When visiting wounded service people…

A speech by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall at the Woman's Hour 70th Anniversary Reception

13th December 2016

Ladies and the occasional Gentleman, I'm delighted to be here, in such eminent company, to celebrate 70 glorious years of 'Woman's Hour'.  As someone who celebrates (although I'm not sure 'celebrate' is quite the right word!) her own 70th birthday next year, I'm astounded that so much has been…

A speech by HRH The Prince of Wales at The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

29th November 2016

Vice Chancellor, Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel I should just respond briefly to a toast which I was not quite expecting!  I was so glad that it gave most of you the chance to have a stiff drink, which I am sure you needed!For me, it has always been the greatest pleasure to come back to Cambridge…