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The Prince of Wales's Farmers Marketing Initiative

  • This is a watercolour by The Prince of Wales for the Cambrian Mountain Initiative
  • The Prince of Wales launches the Mutton Renaissance

The Prince of Wales is passionate about the future of the countryside and the people that live and work within it.  Over the years, The Prince has founded a number of initiatives aimed at supporting farmers and rural communities.  Together these initiatives form The Prince of Wales's Farmer's Marketing Initiative.

The aim of the Farmer's Marketing Initiative is to:

  • Assess the best approach to assist hill farmers to adapt, innovate and collaborate to remain commercially sustainable in upland and remote areas
  • Inspire hill farmers to stay on the land and improve its environmental quality, protecting the biodiversity and cultural heritage of National Parks and uplands
  • Support farmers to adapt to the changes resulting from CAP reform and globalisation
  • Articulate the business case for engaging city businesses in helping to sustain and invest in the protection of the countryside.

Following a strategic review undertaken by BP, The Prince of Wales convened a number of groups of upland farmers in some of the most remote parts of Great Britain to explore with them the potential for operating in a collaborative manner to develop a premium brand for their produce (meeting agreed standards of quality and environmental management) which they would market direct to local outlets in order to shorten the supply chain and generate improved returns.

With the support of a wide range of business leaders with a passion for the countryside, the following Farmers Marketing Initiatives were established:

  •     Peak Choice was the first project to get underway, and has already delivered financial and environmental benefits to Peak District farmers
  •     Dartmoor Farmers followed and sells beef and lamb to local consumers, restaurants and hotels
  •     Cambrian Mountain initiative which has now grown to encompass a regional regeneration programme for the area
  •     North Highland initiative which includes the Mey Selections product range and has also now grown to include promotion of tourism to the area.


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