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The Prince of Wales and The Duchess
of Cornwall

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Prince Harry


Raising Issues

  • The Prince gives many speeches each year
  • The Prince visits many communities around the UK each year
  • The Prince started the Prince's Rainforests Project to help preserve global rainforests
  • The Prince gives a keynote speech on the Future of Food at Georgetown University

Throughout their many engagements each year The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall meet people from all walks of life.

The Prince’s work aims to promote and protect what is good about Britain and its people. This will often involve The Prince acting personally as a catalyst to facilitate change, to generate debate, or to raise overlooked issues.

Many of The Prince’s Charities and initiatives were founded personally by The Prince after he identified an issue and thought of a way in which he could help.

The Prince is also able to highlight issues which are of concern to himself and to others in the aim of opening up a public debate.

Over the years The Prince has spoken openly about the need for further debate over such issues as the environment, genetically modified crops, and the need for community planning on a more human scale.

In all these areas, The Prince aims to encourage a public debate over what he sees as vital issues to the health of the nation while avoiding party political issues.

When issues become a matter for party political debate or the subject of Government policy, The Prince stops raising them publicly.

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